Spoiled Virgins – Dorothy

Dorothy is one of our favorite spoiled virgins and she’s done an amazing job. Why not start it all the best way possible and have two guys drilling her holes in the same time? Dorothy doesn’t mess around and that’s why she’s one of our favorite. You know that she’s going to give you her best each and every time. This is the great thing about these hot 18yo teens they don’t mind getting their pussies drilled and if you don’t believe us check out 18closeup.org to see more nasty teens getting their wet cunts hammered. But let us tell you more about Dorothy and her first threesome, because it was amazing and you guys shouldn’t miss out any part of it.

The hot brunette had a date with her boyfriend and he had a little surprise for her. Instead of going out, he brought a friend with him to try out something new. He convinced her that her first time should be a threesome. At first is didn’t seem such a good idea but somehow he convinced Dorothy to join the party. Having two guys drilling her tight holes is something that you guys shouldn’t miss and luckily for you we got the entire scene for you guys below and a little video from their encounter as well. We told you that this is going to be a great scene and you are going to agree with us. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time with more!


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Kristina spoiled virgins

This incredibly fantastic defloration video featuring cute Kristina spoiled virgins is a long-expected gift for all fans of sexual defloration videos! This wonderful, seductive, spectacular blonde coed that just turned 18 made us virtually tremble with anticipations for the spoiledvirgins shootings as soon as we saw her grooving at prom. Now her tight sweet pussy, cum-craving mouth along with the rest of her stunning little body is at your service!


This cute schoolgirl will be examined, at first, by the doc, as you will see. Once the virginity is conformed, that stud will pull out his cock and will force it into her eager wet pussy. She was pretty nervous and eager at the same time to live her first sex experience. Just grab a seat and get ready to enjoy her moaning loudly and watch her sweet juicy pussy all stretched and penetrated for the first time while the doctor is rubbing her tits and he is getting all set for an extra penetration. He will also fuck her amazing holes. No more chit-chat, cum inside and see how everything happened. I’m sure you will enjoy her sprayed with the creamy cum for the great ending. Have fun!

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Sam losing her virginity

In this next spoiled virgins scene sexy Sam is about to loose her virginity but before a doctor most check her out and confirm that she is a real virgin. Looks like she is so that lucky guy now is going to penetrate her sweet pussy and fills her up with his big cock. The hot doctor watches the entire scene, just to be assured that Sam is doing just fine! Grab a seat back there and enjoy the amazing scene. It simply cannot be missed.

Sam was 1’st uncomfortable, even though, the examination from this handsome doctor turned her on. All that touching, for the first time, made her wet and eager to try some fresh cock. She will be trilled to find out that that lucky guy is ready to stretch her sweet shaved cunt. After a little blowing she did from curiosity, our babe spread her legs for him. the moment that cock went inside, our babe moaned in pleasure and pain at the same time. She will enjoy so much that experience that she will want to take charge. The man will lay on that couch and our Sam will hop on top. Just watch her in some spoiledvirgins action for the first time. She is simply amazing. Have fun!


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Spoiled Virgins – Sexy Viola

After sexy Viola is checked by the doctor in this spoiled virgins scene, she is ready to say goodbye to her virginity. She is a bit nervous but the doctor tells her that nothing bad will happen to her and he is going to assist making sure everything goes well. The guy sticks his cock in her virgin pussy is time for the doctor to fuck her too. Enjoy watching this scene and have fun!

As you will see, this short haired babe has one amazing body. Her perky curves will all over the camera while her purity is lost with the three guys, just like sweet Oksana over here. She will stretch her lips and her legs for them and will have that sweet tight vagina all penetrated for the first time. |She just discovered her sexuality and her passion for cock. That taste of hard dick on her tongue will make her very eager and she will get wet and horny right after the examination. Enjoy her sucking and fucking for the first time. Cum inside our website for the entire episode and also watch her receiving a nice rain of cum for the great finale. 


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Sweet Oksana

These guys can’t believe that sexy Oksana is a genuine spoiled virgins, so they brought a doctor to check her out. The guys are spreading her pussy wide open and she starts feeling nervous having three guys looking at her pussy but soon she is going to find out how is like having her pussy filled up by a big cock! I’m sure the blonde will make your day, so grab a seat back there and enjoy her losing her purity with three studs.

As you will see, the gorgeous blonde a genuine virgin. That is what doctor sais after he looks at her juicy cunt. He will spread his pussy while the other two are supporting her. Even of she was a little uncomfortable at beginning, all that inspection made her pretty horny, so she got all wet. When our guys saw that, they decided to offer her the first sex experience. The babe will have three hard tools around her mouth and will try to take care of all. Somehow, she will succeed. The taste of cock makes her really horny and the guys will all stretch her pussy after that blowing session. Cum inside for the entire spoiledvirgins episode. Enjoy!


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Spoiled Virgins – Gorgeous babe gets spoiled

Hi there, everyone and welcome back! Here is another sweet babe who is going to get deflowered at spoiled virgins. If you wonder how is possible to spoil a virgin the answer is simple, shove your cock into her tight pussy, like this guy who penetrated her in the bathroom and fucked her hard. This is how she gets turned into a little cock loving slut! Have fun watching her, everyone!

This really sexy teen will finally get her pussy banged for the first time in her life. This barely legal babe knows a thing or two, even if she was a virgin. After getting the confirmation from the doctor, this young lady will spread her legs for one large tool which will stretch her cunt for the forts time. But before that, our babe wants to taste that cock a little. So she will wrap those juicy virgin lips around that cock and will try to suck it like a professional slut. As you will see, she has some skills and will get that cock as hard as a rock. The throbbing dick will stretch that beautiful pussy and we caught every second on our cameras. Have fun watching, my friends!


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Sweet Tonya gets deflowered

Tonya told her friends that she is still a virgin and she wants to get fucked, so they came to spoiled virgins together with her, where first a doctor confirmed that she is a genuine virgin and then she was ready to have sex for the first time. She loved having a cock up in her virgin pussy and she had an amazing orgasm! I’m sure you will enjoy hearing her moaning and screaming lusty just for your viewing delight.

As you can see in this latest spoiledvirgins update, Tonya has her sweet juicy pussy penetrated for the first time, just like Lora in this scene. That stud force his hard tool into her tight hole after the doctor confirmed that she is a genuine virgin. Enjoy him making her to moan while one friend of his is assisting the entire scene. The three will enjoy one amazing fucking at the end and our babe will have her first sex experience with two guys, not one, like usually happen. She will also taste the cock for the first time, so let’s not waste anymore time and let’s see what this virgin is capable of. I’m sure you will be satisfied by her performing, so have fun, everyone!


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Hot virgin Tonya

Hello there and welcome back to spoiled virgins! As you will see, this amazing teen will lose her virginity tonight just for your viewing delight. Her name is Tonya and the sexy guys over there haven’t believed her that she never had sex. So our babe wanted to prove that. She asked for her doctor’s help with that and he was more than glad to help her. Just stay tuned and see what comes next. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

As you will see, sexy Tonya has no problem in leaving herself all inspected. As I said, he is her doctor and she knows him for a long time. That’s why she was vey comfortable of leaving him inspecting her cunt. Actually, her pussy got all wet and horny when he touched it. All guys over there noticed that, so they knew at that point that this will end with a defloration. Well, after the confirmation, our Tanya saw the boner her friends had, so she bite her lip while looking. From there to stretching her virgin pussy was only one step. Tanya will taste hard cock for the first time and will lose her purity with three men. Have fun watching, everyone!


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Suzy ready to get pumped

Hello, my friends! We brought you another young beauty on screens tonight. This amazing blonde will have her virgin pussy inspected on cameras tonight. I bet that you don’t have the chance of watching a virgin hole, so grab a eat and enjoy this simply gorgeous babe offering a nice piece of cunt to those studs after the doctor confirms her virginity. You will simply love her pussy getting stretched and penetrated by the three cocks.

Well, don’t be surprised. I said three because the doctor will also join that amazing spoiledvirgins fucking session. No one could resist to a virgin pussy, right, so no blame on him. Watch this amazing teen losing her virginity to three studs. She will first get horny as that doctor inspects her amazing cunt. As she got all horny and wet, the guys were all over her, ready to shove their throbbing cocks into her amazing shaved and virgin hole. They will fuck her throat first, then our blonde will be double teamed. The doctor will join the fuck and our babe will be spoiled by three studs for the first time. Have fun watching, everyone!


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Stella getting double teamed

Hello there and welcome back! As you can see, we brought another virgin babe here for you tonight, so get ready to drool once again on our amazing scenes. This brunette will have a taste of cock on her every hole for the first time. She wanted to prove to her bf that she is a virgin and after the examination, the things got crazy. Enjoy the amazing threesome back on our website where the babe will go naughty for the first time.

Her name is Stella and she just turned 18. She wants to experience sex for the first time, but before that, she has to prove to her boyfriend that she is a virgin. The dude took her to a doctor and there her sweet virgin pussy will be inspected. After the confirmation, the Stella said that wants to change the things. So she grabbed her bf’s cock and rubbed it thru the pants. He got the massage, but the doctor was still there. She said that she’s not bothered, so the three enjoyed one amazing spoiledvirgins fucking session. The virgin teen was double teamed fir the first time. Do not miss that moment!


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